1958 Ford Edsel Roundup 2 Door Station Wagon

In 1958 the Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln (M-E-L) Division of the Ford Motor Company began selling it's all new line of Edsel passenger cars and station wagons. Named after Henry Ford's only son, the Edsel showcased radical styling that was never fully embraced by the public. Built on Ford/Mercury assembly lines, the new Edsel bodies were different from Fords and Mercurys, leading to assembly confusion and build-quality issues that depressed sales through-out the 3 years of Edsel production. For it's inaugural year, the MEL Division offered 5 Edsel station wagon models; the 4 door "Villager" (in 6 and 9 passenger configurations), 4 door "Bermuda" (also in 6 and 9 passenger configurations) and the 2 door, 6 passenger "Roundup". All 5 Edsel station wagon models were based on the same 116" wheelbase as Ford's line-up of station wagons, and also used some of the same inner body panels and support structures as Ford's wagons. As a "base model", the Edsel Roundup Station Wagon was the least expensive Edsel wagon and although it came standard with a headliner, dome lights, ash trays and arm rests, it also came with utilitarian black rubber floor mats instead of carpet. Interestingly, the economy-oriented Roundup wagon's side windows were "sliders" like Chevy's top-of-the-line 1955-1957 Nomad Station Wagons (in addition, the trailing edge of the Roundup's B-pillar slants forward, like the Nomad's). Like all Edsels, the Roundup long-roof was adorned with the distinctive Edsel "horse collar" front grille, bold fins, expansive side sculpting and iconic "boomerang" taillights. The Edsel Roundup 2 door wagon came standard with a 361 ci v-8 engine and could be ordered with a 3-speed manual transmission or 3-speed "Teletouch" automatic. With the Teletouch automatic, gear selection was accomplished by pushing one of the 5 buttons creatively arranged in the center of the steering wheel! Although error-prone, the Teletouch automatic was very popular with Edsel buyers and was installed in 95% of the Edsels delivered in 1958. Sadly, slow sales (only 963 of the 5507 Edsel wagons sold in 1958 were Roundup wagons) doomed the uniquely styled Roundup s/w, so production of this cool 2-door wagon was halted at the end of the 1958 model year, making the 1958 Edsel Roundup Station Wagon one of the rarest of all Edsel body styles.
Length: 205.4"
Height: 58.8"
Width: 77.1"
Weight: 3761 lbs.
Wheelbase: 116"
Production: 963 units
Base Price: $2,841
Wheel Size: 14"
Tire Size: 8.00x14"
Rear End Gearing: 3.89
V-8: 361 ci 4bbl (303 hp)
Gas Tank: 20.1 U.S. gal.
Oil Capacity: 5.0 U.S. qt.
Coolant Capacity: 19.6 U.S qt.
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
with red and white paint
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
with surfboards on roof rack
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
painted turquoise and white
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
with stock wheel covers
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
has unique fins & tail lights
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
cool Edsel long roof
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
with distinctive front grille
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
steering wheel & Teletouch buttons
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
is a very cool 2 door wagon
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
is a rare one year only model
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon,
has chrome Edsel script on fender
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
has beautiful fins
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon
with gunsight hood ornament
1958 Ford Edsel Roundup Wagon,
great in turquoise and white

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